Oct 052011

I just saw this site and thought it would be interesting for us that may be socially active online. If you have a rather full online social life and were thinking maybe you wished you could automate some of the tasks you perform everyday, you may want to check out http://ifttt.com/ which stands for If This Then […]

Sep 272011

I really liked the premise behind turntable.fm but never really felt like part of it, so I have decided to stop using it. Just so happens that this decision coincides with Pandora.com announcement that they have removed the 40 hour limit, thank goodness, 40 hours is crap for a month worth of listening, I can […]

Aug 102011

I know I have mentioned before I am a Windows Mobile user from a long time ago, back when WM5 was big and I had a Pantech Flip Phone that was a smartphone and have loved it ever since. Well, I have also mentioned that I am a WP7 convert now as well and one […]

Jul 012011

Do you still use a WM6 phone and find it works great for you? Do you use the My Phone service for free from Microsoft to backup your contacts and text messages? You may have just found out how Microsoft is going to force you to move to Windows Phone 7. They are pulling the […]

Jun 292011

Ok, in this post I will give you some options to kill an application or process when things have gone terribly wrong with task manager in Windows and you cannot launch it the normal ways that I have shown you in the previous post http://blog.hometownnerd.co.cc/?p=249 . This post covers a few of the best task […]

Jun 292011

Many people know that ever since sometime around Windows XP you could press [CTRL][ALT][DEL] to bring up the task manager or at least a way to get to it fairly fast, but what if some piece of crap virus / spyware / malware infiltrates your PC and renders that little “all important” key stroke useless. […]

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Jun 202011

I have been using a tool for quite some time that has become almost a requirement on a new install of Windows and I will realize it is missing almost immediately. It is called Ditto and can be downloaded from http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/ for free. It is a clipboard manager from Windows and really gives your clipboard, […]

Jun 142011

{EAV_BLOG_VER:03ebb9a8ef57b8e1} Ok, I stumbled upon an interesting site called Empire Avenue, you can visit here, http://www.empireavenue.com/?t=rhvp8qx,  to have a look around, and if you join using my link we will each get 2000 extra eaves, which is the currency on the site and is very important to have more of. The site is basically a […]

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Jun 022011

I have been having a problem on my Dell Precision M6400, where Windows 7 was starting to lockup, not where the mouse would stop working but enough of a lockup that any application I could click on was rendered useless with the spinning orb. I ran antivirus scan, a spyware scan, a malware scan, cleaned […]

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