Jun 012017

Just thought I would post this for those that may happen to show up on my blog. My son has created a remix of a song for a contest on wavo and he could really use some votes if you are so inclined. We would appreciate it. Vote here https://wavo.me/bigbeatrecords/remix-competition-autograf-feat-lils-you-might-be/autograf_you_might_be_feat_lils_shrkman_remix__20250281330510000 I think it may be better than […]

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Apr 262017

Been a while since I had something to post about but over the past week I have found something of interest. I have FIOS through Verizon. I have been hearing complaints from my kids about the Wifi for a while but since I was using the generic router they give me and would not rent […]

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Aug 072013

Well, thought I would start to bike again after taking a long time off. Boy did I make a mistake taking that time off! Only rode my trainer for 10 minutes tonight, my legs were tired after 2 minutes. I just need to keep riding to get back to where I was before I stopped […]

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Aug 132012

Sorry, it has been a while since I have posted, well I wanted to get a few things together to update. First, I finally got to take my bike outside for the first time. This was also a chance to ride with my son, who is 18 years old. It was actually a great time, […]

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Sep 192011

Ok, just thought I would make a quick post about a company I am sure if you have any connection to computers at all you know them, they are NewEgg.com. They are a rather excellent PC, accessories, and electronics distributor, mainly online through their website, but they also offer picking things up at their service […]

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